Common Mistakes People Make When Buying Or Owning A Home

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Home inspections are amongst the most crucial aspects when you buy or sell a house. They help you identify problems likely to occur and assist you in minimizing their impact. Having a professional on board will also enable you to decide whether you should go forward with a purchase.

Unfortunately, when you are unaware of the importance of a home inspection, you could make several mistakes, like skipping the inspection altogether. This can cause major structural defects, unhealthy conditions, or minor superficial issues to go unnoticed. To help you avoid these adverse outcomes,D&D Healthy Homes LTD.has put together a list of common mistakes people make when buying or owning a home.

1. Not getting a home inspection before purchasing a house
One of the most common mistakes is to purchase a home without it being inspected. This can lead to discovering several issues after the sale is finalized. Most problems can range from several minor fixes to more expensive ones. For this reason, it is essential not to skip a home inspection. At the same time, make sure you choose a qualified inspector to get the job done

We often receive phone calls or emails atD&D Healthy Homes LTD., requesting quotations for a home inspection. For this, we need to know more about the property. Initially, we ask the client about their perspective and expectations of the property they are interested in and then follow with the inspection. We finally present our observations, highlight the areas of concern, and suggest remedies wherever necessary. We believe in providing quality services rather than merely shopping based on price.

2. Skipping an air quality test
Another mistake people make is not testing the air quality of a house. It’s essential to perform this test to identify the presence of mold spores that can indicate potential mold issues to occur within a home.

There is usually a fee to test air quality, but atD&D Healthy Homes LTD.,we provide a bundled payment and where we reduce the cost of the test at the time of inspection as we are present on-site equipped with the tools. Also, the sooner this test is done, the quicker the results are received from the lab that can help clients make an informed decision about buying a house and which can save them a few dollars. To live in a healthy home ensures a peaceful mind.

3. Not checking for radon exposure
The effects of Radon on our health is becoming increasingly known in the world. Did you know that health care is pointing to the effects of Radon exposure as the number two cause of lung cancer in the world, and only slightly below smoking? Moreover, if you smoke and are exposed continuously to Radon, then the risk becomes more significant.

AtD&D Healthy Homes LTD., we do a stand-alone test for a radon level or include it by reducing the rate when bundled with a home inspection. We try to mitigate radon exposure very effectively when high levels are recorded. We are here to help and care about your family and home.

4. Skipping regular home maintenance
Most of us can’t see the hidden or even the apparent issues in or around their home. This is largely due to our busy lives and also that things slowly change and deteriorate without notice until it’s too late. Leaky roofs or incorrect landscape grading or lack of attic venting or insulation are just to name a few overlooked things that can damage our home and can ultimately be very costly when they become an emergency repair. AtD&D Healthy Homes LTD,we set up a tailored inspection program to assist you in making a wise home maintenance decision. We help to keep you and your home healthy.

5. Not inspecting a new construction
A common mistake made with a new construction is skipping on home inspection as it often comes with warranty. But it doesn’t mean you won’t face issues down the road. In most cases, the structures of good builders who are reputable and conscientious, generally have minor or cosmetic issues. However, some builders don’t follow proper standards, and their structures have relatively significant and unrepairable issues. To help you avoid such stressful purchases, it’s important to perform an independent home inspection.

6. Approaching a franchise inspection company
A franchise inspection company doesn’t necessarily mean the best inspection or service. It’s advisable to interview the inspector to ensure they are working for the client and not the seller or realtor. AtD&D Healthy Homes LTD., we are committed to serving customers. We also maintain a great and healthy relationship with sellers and realtors as we believe in balance with everyone.

To avoid these and other mistakes, reach out to the experts atD&D Healthy Homes LTD.We are licensed and insured home inspectors, certified through InterNACHI. We pay attention to detail and provide value-based, full-services as a home inspection company that respects and cares for families and their homes. For a complete list of our services,please click here. If you have any questions aboutD&D Healthy Homes LTD., we’d love to hear from you.Please contact us here.


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